Alokozay is USA’s most well-reputed FMGC that manufactures and distributes premium quality goods- adding value to millions of lives.

Alokozay is the middle east’s most trusted platform for shopping items like groceries, food, dairy items, along with home & personal care products. With such a wide range of products Alokozay wanted a progressive mobile app that enhances the customer experience of shopping online.

National Web Designers

Our Strategic Approach

The vital objective of our brand development analysts is to find out the concept and story behind our client business. The effective discoverability of a brand will be the foundation of their business’ success. Our team of professionals first understand brand's marketing goals and then work out an online advertising and marketing strategy that is well thought out and expertly developed. Being the No. 1 platform for household items, Alokozay wanted a mobile app that promises ease of use, utmost convenience, and an easy navigation process.

We conducted in-depth research and analysis of the brand, its goals, its market, and the main issues they dealt with. With the results gathered, we built an aesthetically and technologically superior mobile app that offers cross-platform responsiveness, efficient checkout system, robust navigation, is PWA optimized, and meets the overall standards of Alokozay.

National Web Designers
National Web Designers


National Web Designers is widely known for providing robust, scalable, and technically savvy eCommerce software development services. Alokozay is one of the valuable clients that needed a technology partner for their unique requirements. The client's survival in its industry was challenging due to several tough competitors. However, we helped our client by setting up a mobile app that was optimized to respond efficiently on all mobile OS across all platforms to ensure it doesn't lose any potential conversions. Our experts are well-trained on all the leading platforms such as Ionic, Buddy, headspin, Xamarin, and Appcelerator so that we can cater to the ever-evolving needs of our clients.

Feature List

Product Categories

Our mobile app allows you to browse through a variety of home goods ranging from Alokozay’s signature tea to organic cooking oils to personal care products and much more.

Search Filter

The robust search filter offers a guided search to customers who know exactly what to buy and complete the shopping process without any difficulty.

Add to Cart

Select the number of items you need and you'll be just one step away to get your goods delivered to your doorstep.

Check Out

With our customized checkout system, you can easily fill in your delivery details, choose shipping and payment option, and place the order without any problem.

A Versatile Mobile App Solution

Our approach helped us achieve a robust mobile application for our client that was both sophisticated and user-friendly. We kept the interface multi-functional yet powerful. As a result, Alokozay received a mobile app that puts its business and customers at the very heart of its vision. Not only our mobile app helped our client increase customer engagement, maximize revenues, collect valuable data, but pushed them ahead of the competition.

Below are the achievements Alokozay garnered with its mobile app:

  • 1642 new users came through organic search per day.
  • Paid marketing garnered 13.78% of users.
  • 90% of customers completed their checkout.
  • Cart abandonment rate decreased by 70%.
  • With a revenue of $229.5 per day, the eCommerce conversion rate increased by 33.33%.
National Web Designers
National Web Designers
National Web Designers
National Web Designers
National Web Designers

Additions In Design And Content

Additions In Design And Content

  • Digital Wallet (Introducing E-payments and rewards system to provide ease of use and encourage customers to visit the app again)
  • Promotions, discounts, and Coupons (For attracting more customers and leveraging customer loyalty)
  • Drivers App (A completely different app that is made just for the driver to assign delivery orders)
  • Automated delivery designation
  • Heat map (We use this on existing site to figure out the best-selling product and make changes based on the results)
  • Google Analytics

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