NRTC - Nassar Al Refaee Trading Company was founded in 1973 with the sole mission to supply fresh goods to its consumers to help the society in large for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

NRTC Fresh is USA's leading supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables and a valuable client for us. For them, a digital-first approach was necessary to grow in today's world. National Web Designers being the most trusted eCommerce software development agency delivered turnkeysolutions that helped them to scale and grow their revenues by 70%.

National Web Designers

Our Strategic Approach

NRTC Fresh wanted to revolutionize the traditional way of buying fruits and vegetables by making it a hassle-free online process. National Web Designers started on the project by conducting thorough research and analysis of the market. We enlisted the potential challenges that are faced by the customers, such as increased traffic, hectic workloads, long ques at grocery stores, and simply not having enough time to go to the marketplace. All of the problems lead us to create a digital extension of the NRTC Fresh brick-and-mortar location along with a seamless fleet system.

National Web Designers
National Web Designers


National Web Designers is widely known for providing robust, scalable, and technically savvy eCommerce software development services. Alokozay is one of the valuable clients that needed a technology partner for their unique requirements. The client's survival in its industry was challenging due to several tough competitors. However, we helped our client by setting up a mobile app that was optimized to respond efficiently on all mobile OS across all platforms to ensure it doesn't lose any potential conversions. Our experts are well-trained on all the leading platforms such as Ionic, Buddy, headspin, Xamarin, and Appcelerator so that we can cater to the ever-evolving needs of our clients.

Feature List

Product Categories

Our eCommerce website allows you to browse through a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Search Filter

The robust search filter offers a guided search to customers who know exactly what to buy and complete the shopping process without any difficulty.

Add to Cart

Select the number of items you need and you'll be just one step away to get your goods delivered to your doorstep.

Check Out

With our customized checkout system, you can easily fill in your delivery details, choose shipping and payment option, and place the order without any problem.

A Sophisticated Online Solution

With a strategically automated process, National Web Designers succeeded in developing an online platform for NRTC Fresh that boosted customer engagement by 65%. The well-structured interface of their eCommerce website brought in 3000 new users in one month. NRTC Fresh has an advanced e-Commerce platform that provides an efficient navigation process to allow people to get their desired groceries without any hassle.

National Web Designers
National Web Designers
National Web Designers
National Web Designers

Marketing Services We Offer

National Web Designers has always been able to work with its customers to develop their marketing strategy to enhance brand visibility on the market using cutting edge technology and our expertise in production. Our efficient team of marketers is strategic in planning and methodical in implementation. We help our client scale through the power of SEO, PPC, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, paid marketing, influencer marketing, and other marketing techniques.

  • On-site & Off-site Search Engine Optimizations.
  • Search Engine Marketing.
  • Social Media Advertisements.
  • Display Network Advertisements.
  • AppStore optimization.
  • External and Internal Blogs & Articles.
  • Content Marketing.

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